Hibernate Trigger


Hibernate Trigger is a small program that will detect whenever the system is put into suspend or hibernation mode. When the system starts going into suspend, Hibernate Trigger will halt the Suspend operation and execute a command of your choice. Also, when the system resumes, hibernate will execute a command of your choice.


While there are many applications where this may be useful, one that comes to mind is in a automobile computer system. In such an environment you will more than likely have a serial peripheral of some kind, for example an LCD display or a GPS receiver. The problem with such devices is that the software controlling them doesn't withstand hibernate often times. So using this program you can shutdown the software before hibernate, and reload it after.

The Gory Details

The program you supply to be executed can be specified using a full path, or if it is within your path environment variable, you can simply specify the filename. Of course after the filename you can specify command line arguments. If you attempt to run something other than an .exe file, Windows will look and see what program is associated with that file's type and open it using that program. For example if you choose a .doc file, Word will open with the .doc file. One cool thing about this is you can therefore use Hibernate Trigger to run your own perl scripts.

Note that during the suspend operation, the program can only stall Windows for a maximum of 20 Seconds before Windows will assume that it must be hung, and will forcefully terminate it. Suspend Trigger will only allow the Operating System to resume its hibernation process when the program that you call quits, so make certain that it will quit immediately after finishing some simple processing task. There is no limit for how long a program started after resume can run.

If you want to use Hibernate Trigger in a car computer system, chances are you do not want to minimize the application every time it starts. For that reason there is now an option to have it start minimized to the system tray.

When you minimize the program it will be minimized to the system tray. Double click the icon to restore it.

Screen Shots


System Requirements

Windows 2000 or Windows XP - Windows 98/ME hibernate is pretty broken and doesn't work well, nor does it have any method to notify applications that a hibernation is in progress. Windows Vista has known issues and is not supported.
If your hardware meets minimum system requirements for your OS, then this program should run fine.


1.5Minor Bug fixes, fixed bug limiting input of program path, added option to have program start minimized to the tray.
1.0Initial Release


Download Hibernate Trigger 1.5 Self Extracting Installer